Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Review 


Hey my loves!

Like lots of other people I was very, very excited that the new season, season 5, of Orange Is The New Black finally aired. Last season was pretty phenomenal and ended with an incredible cliff hanger so I couldn’t wait to find out whether or not Daya was going to pull the trigger. I’ve been watching the show last weekend, together with my boyfriend and within 2 day we actually finished the whole thing. Today I’m going to review the season. It might contain some spoilers so don’t read if you don’t want to see spoilers. ☺️  Continue reading


5 Beauty Trends I’ll Never Do


I love the world of beauty because it’s so versatile and people can use it to create whatever they want. It seems like every other day there is a new makeup trend blowing up on Instagram. It all can be really fun, and I often look forward to what this community will come up with next, but there are definitely some trends and techniques that I have just not been a fan of. If you want to know what are those 5 Beauty Trends I’ll Never Do continue reading.  Continue reading

Coconut Porridge


Hey ho, what’s up – It’s time again for Criss!

I hope you all had a great week and hopefully a better weather then we had here where it was stormy and rainy.
So this week I will show you my absolute favourite porridge recipe “Coconut Porridge” (YAY) which helps me to have a good start even into the most stressful days and hopefully you it will help you too!

The favourite part at this recipe among the 200% coconut inside, it’s fast done and healthy, but be aware of the calories which are inside because coconut milk, for example has a lot of calories.

But enough with the chit chat – let’s get started! 🙂 Continue reading

5 Random Things I Love About Makeup


A long time ago, when I was like 13, I actually hated makeup. I thought it was unnecessary and bad for you. Once I started doing makeup I discovered that it’s actually really fun and I started to love doing it. I actually have grown to love it so much that I have a full on makeup collection now. Because I’m such a big makeup lover I thought it might be fun to share some of the reasons why I like it so much. So, if you want to find out why, make sure to continue reading! 🙂 Continue reading

Apple Pie Roses


Hey, ho what’s up – It’s Criss again!

I hope you had a great weekend and a good weather like we had here in Germany!
We are really sorry for a late blog post, but we had a little holiday and we wanted to spend that time with family and friends.

So on Thursday and Saturday we will share new posts and from next week, the posts are going to be online like usually. Okay, enough informations about the blog let’s dig into today’s special recipe.

Today I have a quick recipe called “apple pie roses”, it’s a cute little sweet snack that’s perfect for summer or if you want to surprise your girlfriend, like i did or just as a special treatment for yourself, for all the apple lovers out there – this recipe is perfect for you. 😉

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