I heart Instagram Tag


Hey my loves!

Instagram is, without a doubt, my favorite social medium. I don’t really use snapchat, I suck at Tweeting, but I do use Instagram every single day (or should I say minute) and love seeing what my friends and favorite bloggers are up to. It’s the perfect way to get updates and inspiration from others!

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day my loves! ❤

I hope you will have a lot of fun today with your loved ones. I do. I love it, and not just because I’m currently in a happy relationship, but because I love all the pink and red, the flowers, balloons, getting funny meme-inspired Valentine cards. There’s literally no excuse to be sad on Valentine’s Day. Though we should be celebrating love 365 days of the year, February 14th is always a special day on our calendars. Try to enjoy it this year, because choosing to hate it is never a good idea. Continue reading

Do NOT Try These Beauty Hacks at Home


Hey my loves!

Let me preface this conversation by stating that I am a big fan of an effective DIY beauty treatment or hack. I am the first one to whip out the scotch tape and create the perfect cat eye or slather on an avocado face mask. That being said, I do not jump into these home remedies blindly. I do my research and consult with the pros prior to trying them myself and then, of course, sharing them with you!

However, some beauty fanatics are not as cautious, and jump onto “fad” at-home beauty hacks without doing their due diligence. In addition to wasting their time on fruitless treatments, they may actually be doing more damage to their skin than good. To save you from this catastrophic fate, I am listing five beauty hacks you should NEVER try at home. I mean it!

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