Coconut Porridge


Hey ho, what’s up – It’s time again for Criss!

I hope you all had a great week and hopefully a better weather then we had here where it was stormy and rainy.
So this week I will show you my absolute favourite porridge recipe “Coconut Porridge” (YAY) which helps me to have a good start even into the most stressful days and hopefully you it will help you too!

The favourite part at this recipe among the 200% coconut inside, it’s fast done and healthy, but be aware of the calories which are inside because coconut milk, for example has a lot of calories.

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Apple Pie Roses


Hey, ho what’s up – It’s Criss again!

I hope you had a great weekend and a good weather like we had here in Germany!
We are really sorry for a late blog post, but we had a little holiday and we wanted to spend that time with family and friends.

So on Thursday and Saturday we will share new posts and from next week, the posts are going to be online like usually. Okay, enough informations about the blog let’s dig into today’s special recipe.

Today I have a quick recipe called “apple pie roses”, it’s a cute little sweet snack that’s perfect for summer or if you want to surprise your girlfriend, like i did or just as a special treatment for yourself, for all the apple lovers out there – this recipe is perfect for you. 😉

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Pesto Salad


Hello…it’s me, not Adele – It’s Criss!

Dajana already warned you in her blog update that I will appear now on this blog with my very first updates and I’m happy she supports my first attempts of writing something for her blog.

I love food, but even more to cook/ bake and I try from now on to make every weekend one post about food – healthy, unhealthy, vegan or meat extravaganza, so basically I try from everything a little bit and show different recipes from all over the world on this blog.

This week I start with a mediterranean salad that I simply call “Pesto Salad”. During the last weeks, my beautiful girlfriend tease you already with a picture of the Pesto Salad so I want to share with you this easy recipe for it, I hope you will like it! 🙂

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