Coconut Porridge


Hey ho, what’s up – It’s time again for Criss!

I hope you all had a great week and hopefully a better weather then we had here where it was stormy and rainy.
So this week I will show you my absolute favourite porridge recipe “Coconut Porridge” (YAY) which helps me to have a good start even into the most stressful days and hopefully you it will help you too!

The favourite part at this recipe among the 200% coconut inside, it’s fast done and healthy, but be aware of the calories which are inside because coconut milk, for example has a lot of calories.

But enough with the chit chat – let’s get started! 🙂

How many portions you get from this recipe?

  • 1 Portion

Which kitchen tools do you need?

  • Small pot

The ingredients you need per bowl



/ 250ml Coconut milk
3 Tbsp. Shredded linseed
2 Tbsp. Ground almonds
2 Tbsp. Sliced almonds Sliced hazelnuts or in case of shredded is also good
2 Tbsp. Coconut chips Coconut flakes would work too
1 Tbsp. Shredded hemp seed 1 Tbsp. Chia seeds
A pinch of shredded vanilla 1 teaspoon of vanilla Sugar
Fruits of your choice as topping!  



The 6 very quick steps of the week:

  1. Turn on the fire – Heat up the coconut

Use a small pot to heat up the coconut milk till it’s boiling

      2. Enough fire for the week – Mix the first row of ingredients

Turn of the heat and mix into the hot coconut milk the shredded linseed , ground almonds and the vanilla.

     3. Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore –

Put the pot on the remaining heat of the plate for 5 min dont forget to stir it regularly 🙂

     4. Get it mixed up again!

Now add the ground almonds, coconut chips, shredded hemp seed and wait for 5 more minutes

     5. Decorate it

Now the still warm porridge is ready, put it into a bowl and put your favourite toppings from fruits over honey to everything you simply like.

    6. Eating time

Now go and get it!


This week was a fast little recipe I hope you love it as much as we do. 🙂 I need to admit, I was kind of late in discovering porridges in general, I had my first early this year and can’t believe how I missed that out! 😀 Do you eat porridge often in your country? And what is your favourite topping? (mine are strawberries *nom nom*).
Make sure to come again next week where I show you the most popular summer cake in Germany!

Till next week! 🙂


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