Note BB Lip Corrector


Hey my loves!

Today I have another review for you and that’s the Note BB Lip Corrector. I’ve been loving the Note products a lot recently and I have already a few reviews on their BB cream, concealer, etc. 


Note BB Lip Corrector comes in this really pretty looking pink tube. The tube has the name of the lip gloss printed on it as well as the name of the brand. I really like the tube. It’s simple and basic but it’s elegant. One tube of lipgloss comes with 12 ml of lipgloss which I think is pretty standard for a lipgloss. It seems like more than enough product.


On the back of the box Note cosmetics gave us a little product information, where it says: ” Dermatologically tested. Silky touch and easy application Light coloring, softening BB Lip Corrector’s active palmitoyl oligopeptide, stimulates collagen synthesis to create fuller lips. Shea butter and Vitamin E moisturize and care for your lips day long. Enhances lip contour and insinuate 3D effect.

Warning: Keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.



Note BB Lip Corrector is paraben free and the brand as a whole is animal-friendly, and PETA certified. This lip gloss comes in three shades, called 01,02 and 03. The one that I have is in the shade 02.

The lip correcting and plumping properties are very subtle. The fine lines on the lips even out. However, I wouldn’t expect the dramatic lips size increase. At least I haven’t noticed that. But the plumping effect is definitely here. It has a lovely glaze-like finish. The formula is non-sticky and comfortable to wear even during the day time.

Aside from that I really like the formula of the lip gloss. Like I said, it feels very luxurious and it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s not too heavy and it just feels right. When it comes to staying power this lip gloss isn’t too special. It stays in place for a couple of hours and after that it gradually fades away.


Overall I do think that this is a pretty lip gloss and I like the way it feels on my lips, but I  don’t think I will wear it very often. And the reason is because I am not a big fan of lip glosses. Aside from that I’m not a fan of lip glosses, I do think that the quality of the lip gloss is nice.

That was it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to let me know if you wear lip gloss from time to time and if so, which lip gloss is your current favorite!

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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