Apple Pie Roses


Hey, ho what’s up – It’s Criss again!

I hope you had a great weekend and a good weather like we had here in Germany!
We are really sorry for a late blog post, but we had a little holiday and we wanted to spend that time with family and friends.

So on Thursday and Saturday we will share new posts and from next week, the posts are going to be online like usually. Okay, enough informations about the blog let’s dig into today’s special recipe.

Today I have a quick recipe called “apple pie roses”, it’s a cute little sweet snack that’s perfect for summer or if you want to surprise your girlfriend, like i did or just as a special treatment for yourself, for all the apple lovers out there – this recipe is perfect for you. 😉

How many portions you get from this recipe?

  • Per apple you get around 6 roses

Which kitchen tools do you need?

  • knife, cutting board, pastry brush


The ingredients you need per apple



1 Apple

2-4 Tsp. Cinnamon sugar

2 Tsp. Lemon Juice

1 Egg

A few Butter Flakes (25-50g)

2 Sheets of filo-pastry

In germany the equivalent would be:
2 Layers of”Yufka-dough”in Turkish stores available or 1 Layer of “Strudelteig”

Quick cinammon sugar DIY –  use 1 cup of sugar in a bowl and add a few teaspoons of grinded cinnamon into it, you will know it’s perfect when sugar after mixing all together gets more dark and has a intense smell after cinnamon.

So here are the 6 quick steps for this week:


  • Cut and Prepare the Apples

Cut the Apple into a half and cut them into thin slices, use a pastry brush for putting citron juice on all sides from the apple. Don’t worry if you use more citron juice it doesn’t change the taste of the pie, it just makes the apples taste more fresh and stops them from getting brown!

b.jpg   j.jpg

After you put all the apple pieces into a bowl, put over the apples a little cinnamon sugar and some flakes of butter close the bowl tight and heat it up for 1-2 Minutes on 350 watt in the microwave. It’s perfect when the butter is melted. After that, shake the bowl to make sure that the sugar and butter are evenly melted over the bowl.

  • The Filo dough

For easier handling I suggest finished one, use 1-2 Layers (depends on the dough) of Filo-Pastry on the working place and cut it into lines the width around 2 inch /6 cm and a length of round 11 inch/30cm.


  • Whisk eggs

Whisk eggs in a bowl and prepare the pastry brush




  • Assemble it and Keep it rolling!

Now put on the pre cutted filo-pastry some of the egg with a brush, lay on the top line of the dough the prepared apple slices, fold it together, put another layer of egg on it and just keep it rolling! Put some more egg over it for a golden color.



  • It’s getting hot in here – Baking Time!

175° 10-20 min top and bottom heat // 150° with air circulation 10 min. It’s a little bit tricky, depending on the pastry you used, it can take even shorter or longer. When the top gets golden – it`s done!

  • Eating Time

35122337895_e54771ca7d_o (1).jpg

So this was it for this week, I hope you will love this apple pie roses as well and have much fun doing them, Dajana and I are excited to see your pictures and tags on instagram and would love to read your comments down below!

Till next week! 🙂



7b1da618bef7133df494d6dab16b5a21  pesto  IMG_2930


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