Benefit Porefessional – WORTH THE HYPE?


Hey my loves!

Primer is an essential part of my makeup routine. I use one every single day. A while ago I reviewed the Essence Get Picture Ready primer, which I use as a primer. In that review I told you guys how amazing it was and how much I love it. I’ve heard so many good things about the Benefit Porefessional, so I had to buy it and try it out myself. I did got the mini version, just because I wanted to test it and see how I like it. 


Benefit Porefessional comes in a teeny tiny blue tube. It’s so much smaller in real life than I expected it to be. It’s about 8 cm long and contains 7.5 ml of product. As I said, I did got the sample size, but I still didn’t expect it to be this small.

When it comes to the packaging itself I am really positive. I love the Benefit packaging in general on all products.

So what exactly does this product claim to do? According to the Benefit website, this product will “quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines.” Benefit also claims that you can wear this alone or underneath foundation and the formula will “compliment all skintones and help makeup stay put.”


POREfessional is a silky, smooth, and lightweight balm which you apply to the face after moisturiser but before foundation and BB creams. Apparently, you can also apply it over make-up.

The balm comes out of the tube as beige colour but it is actually translucent when applied on skin, so it suits all skin tones and you can simply apply this to certain parts of your face as opposed to all over. It sinks in to your skin within seconds, I’m always amazed by this type of primer, it seems to works like magic. It has a pleasant smell to it but I actually prefer these types of products, along with BB creams and foundations, to be odourless.


I’ve found that the POREfessional makes my skin look so good that I can wear it on its own without foundation! This makes the appearance of my pores minimised, my skin tone evened out and my skin so silky soft to touch. My makeup looks so much smoother over this primer as if I have perfect skin.

Overall I love the Benefit porefessional a lot! The downside for me is that the tube is tiny (for a heavy price tag) and I ended up going through it quite quickly. If you have a pore issue and you want to minimize the appearance of pores, then yes you should definitely invest in the Porefessional. If you are just looking for a good primer that makes make-up last, then I would suggest investing in something a little cheaper.

That was it for today! I really hope you enjoyed! What is your favorite primer?

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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14 thoughts on “Benefit Porefessional – WORTH THE HYPE?

  1. Roxy Starr says:

    I used to buy this all the time but it costs a ton for what you get! I used it for primer purposes and have substituted it for something that works just as well. I do miss using this though, I love the packaging 🙂

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  3. the harmony in our clothes says:

    For me personally I didn’t notice a difference after applying it, I tried the sample size as well and it’s seriously overpriced! Definitely wouldn’t buy again (even though the texture is great and sinks very fast in the skin)


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