Hey my loves!

I get really a tons of questions on how I make money on Instagram and how it actually works and how much money you can earn by it. So today I’ve decided to do a blog post about it and really explain you everything. 🙂 Continue reading


Pesto Salad


Hello…it’s me, not Adele – It’s Criss!

Dajana already warned you in her blog update that I will appear now on this blog with my very first updates and I’m happy she supports my first attempts of writing something for her blog.

I love food, but even more to cook/ bake and I try from now on to make every weekend one post about food – healthy, unhealthy, vegan or meat extravaganza, so basically I try from everything a little bit and show different recipes from all over the world on this blog.

This week I start with a mediterranean salad that I simply call “Pesto Salad”. During the last weeks, my beautiful girlfriend tease you already with a picture of the Pesto Salad so I want to share with you this easy recipe for it, I hope you will like it! 🙂

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Benefit Porefessional – WORTH THE HYPE?


Hey my loves!

Primer is an essential part of my makeup routine. I use one every single day. A while ago I reviewed the Essence Get Picture Ready primer, which I use as a primer. In that review I told you guys how amazing it was and how much I love it. I’ve heard so many good things about the Benefit Porefessional, so I had to buy it and try it out myself. I did got the mini version, just because I wanted to test it and see how I like it.  Continue reading

Note Cosmetics BB Cream


Hey my loves!

I haven’t tried a lot of BB creams in the past, but I’ve always wanted to have a very good one. Because I got a few products from Note Cosmetics in my Glossybox goodie bag, I wanted to test out this BB cream and tell you more about it. If you’re interested in finding out how I ended up liking it, continue reading. Continue reading