Sigma Nightlife Limelight Bronzer


A while ago I received a package from Sigma where I got a bunch of cool makeup products. Some of the products is the Sigma Limelight bronzer from their Nightlife collection in a collaboration with Camila Coelho. After trying it out a couple of times I realized it’s time for the review. 



Sigma Limelight bronzer comes in a very pretty and professional looking packaging. The packaging is really small, I’ve never seen such a small bronzer, it’s round and it’s made out of plastic. The packaging has sleek black case and holographic silver details. This design is unique to the Nightlife Collection and is inspired by the city lights from New York to Rio de Janeiro. Overall I really like the packaging!

The Sigma Limelight bronzer is available in only one shade. The shade has neutral undertone, which will match almost every skin tone really well, and it doesn’t have any shimmer to it. It’s basically the perfect color to contour with because of that.

Aside from using it for contouring, this bronzer could also be used to warm up the skin, so it  could act as an actual bronzer, or it could act as an eyeshadow. Colors like this one look really pretty in the crease. Because this particular bronzer is so pigmented it’s perfect for that.

Quality wise this bronzer didn’t disappoint me. The texture of the powder is really nice. It applies really evenly on the skin and it’s easy to work with because of the fact that it blends easly.


Overall I’m impressed by this little one. It comes in a really beautiful looking packaging, the color is multifunctional and the quality of this bronzer is absolutely amazing!

Sigma Nightlife Limelight Bronzer $12

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I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and let me know which bronzer is your absolute favourite! 🙂

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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