Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer


Hey my loves!

Few weeks ago when I was on the beauty blogger event I had a chance to try out some of the products from Note Cosmetics. I didn’t really hear people talk about this brand, which makes me really sad because they have some really amazing products! The first product I want to talk about is the Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer.



Let’s start off with discussing the packaging, one of my favourite things when it comes to Note Cosmetics. Their packaging is elegant, chic and classy. The concealer comes in a clear plastic bottle with a black lid and in the between those two parts says NOTE with silver letters. On the front of the tube it says “full coverage concealer”. The bottle isn’t very big, it comes with 2.3 ml of product which is really not a lot.

When you take off the lid you’ll find the applicator. It’s one of those straight sponge applicators. In my opinion these are the nicest applicators a concealer can have. It makes the application easy and quick.


Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer doesn’t come in many shades. I believe they had about four on their website. I got the shade 02 beige, which is a very nice shade and it fits perfectly to me.

The first thing I noticed about this product is that the texture is very tick. But that’s kind of normal since this is the full coverage concealer. A little tip: don’t put too much product under your eyes. Because of the texture of the product it will seem like way too little, but once you start blending it in you will realise that the product is very blendable and it’s more than enough to cover your entire under eye area. So you really don’t need too much product.

Coverage wise I’m impressed by this concealer. This is definitely one of the most full coverage concealers I own at this very moment and I like it. I also really like that it still looks natural, even though the texture is so thick and even though it has such high coverage.


When it comes to the creasing I have to say that it depends on what you use to apply it with and whether or not you set it with powder soon after applying it. If you apply it using a damp beautyblender and if you set it afterwards there is no such thing as creasing with this concealer. However, if you don’t set it, it wil crease like no other concealer has ever creased on you.

Overall I’m really glad I got this concealer. It’s definitely something different compared to other concealers, it works amazingly well for me. The coverage is incredible and if you apply it right, it won’t crease at all. If you’re on the hunt for a full coverage concealer, you might want to give the Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer a try!

Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer 15€,-


That was it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to let me know if you have any experience with this concealer, and if so, let me know how you like it! 🙂

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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