KÖsmetik Vitamin C Serum


Hey my loves!

I am a big fan of Vitamin C serums. I use them every night after I cleanse and prior to application of my prescription strength retinoids and moisturizer. Much has been written and said about the benefits of Vitamin C to our body, and specifically, or skin. Vitamin C is a free radical-fighter and is a boost to our immune system. Today I’m reviewing the Kösmetik Vitamin C Serum.


Let’s start with the packaging. Kösmetik Vitamin C Serum comes in an white box. The serum is packaged in a brown, almost black tinted 30 mL bottle. It comes with its own pipette which is a plus factor for me.

Investing in a bottle of vitamin C serum can’t only help improve your skin condition; it can also slow down the signs of skin aging. Radiant and clearer skin are some of the most common experiences people get with Kösmetik Vitamin C Serum. The product sinks right into the skin to leave it feeling smoother.

Consistency is probably one of the main issues with this product. It’s a bit runny, or more like watery, which not all users are really fond of. Because of how thin it is, you must be very quick in working the product into your skin.

As for the scent, this one doesn’t have any. Which I really like, because if the product has the smell I don’t like I will not use it. I’m really sensitive when it comes to smells.

Application of the serum should be right after cleansing and drying your face. Make sure you have enough product to cover your face, neck and chest area. It can be used before applaying makeup as well. For best results, I recommend using the product twice a day, but keep in mind to gauge your skin’s sensitivity first. If you see redness, itching and irritation, stop using the product right away.


Overall, I love this serum. I like that it’s a cruelty-free product and I think it’s a great dupe for the more expensive vitamin C serums. Price of the Kösmetik Vitamin C Serum is 20€ and it can be bought here.

That was it for today! I really hope you enjoyed. Do you use any vitamin c serum, if yes, tell me in the comments which one! 🙂

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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