My 5 Lazy Weekend Essentials


Every once in awhile I like to have lazy weekends where I just stay in and enjoy some quality me-time in my beloved home. I really like spending time alone and doing things that are therapeutic, so I know a thing or two about how to enjoy a staycation and have on hand some handy essentials.


The list would not be complete without a movie to watch or a marathon of my favorite series. Select a series or movie and start watching. I just recently started watching ”Jane The Virgin” and I love it! My all time favorites are Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, Revenge and Orange is the new black.


Slip into some comfortable clothes that allows you to easily move around. When I’m at home I always walk around in sweatpants. At home I just want to be comfortable. For a lazy Sunday it is a must.


What is a lazy weekend without some snacks? I love snacking on some finger foods while watching my favorite show or just simply sitting around browsing the internet, so it’s definitely a must have.



I like to take this time to refresh any chipping and peeling nail polish. When is a better time to paint your nails than on a lazy weekend? I’m in no rush, I have nothing else planned so that only means my nail polish is going to turn out perfect without having a bunch of things to do and worrying about it not being dry enough. I also like to practice doing gel nails, it’s really relaxing and fun.


Relaxing to some music and candles, put some face mask on and just enjoy. If I’m going to stay in, this is definitely one of my top things to do.

What are your favorite Lazy Weekend Essentials? 🙂

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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26 thoughts on “My 5 Lazy Weekend Essentials

  1. beautybyadutchgirl says:

    Hey girl, PLL is also one of my all time favorite show. I also love gilmore girls and gossip girl, have you seen those? Oh, and Jane the Virgin is still on my list to watch!! Comfortable clothes and snacks are also a must for a lazy weekend to. Wish you a lovely lazy weekend girl! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • dajanaerd says:

      PLL is so goood! ❤️ Gossip girl yes, Gilmore girls nope, but I will definitely check it out! ☺️ Jane the virgin is really good, I cry so much every time I watch it. 😁
      Thank you dear, I hope you had a lovely weekend as well! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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