Spring Nail Care Essentials


Hey my loves!

It’s time we put our burgundy polishes to rest and give our nails a proper sendoff to spring break! Since this season is prime time for showing off your bright digits, I’ve rounded up some essentials for whipping your nails back into shape. If only cuticle oil could also get our bods ready!

Cuticle Oil

If you’re one to pick at or bite around your nails, keep a bottle of cuticle oil on your desk as a daily reminder to apply. Dab a little bit on each finger and gently massage it into your nail bed and around the cuticle area for a shot of moisture. Adopting this good habit will help take your nails from sad and dry to shiny and healthy.

Apply a Nail Treatment

Unfortunately, we weren’t all born with long and strong nails beds. If your nails are constantly breaking, bending or chipping, add a nail strengthener like Essence nail growth booster to your daily routine.

Give Your Nails a Good Buffing

To smooth away any ridges and prevent your nails from snagging and tearing, buff or file the edges at the first sight of chipping so that matters don’t get worse! Ever break a nail so far down it hurts for days? Let’s prevent that using Ebelin 4in1 Buffer – file!

Apply Hand Salve Before Bed

To keep your hands and nails healthy and moisturized, apply a thick layer of heavy-duty hand cream like Balea hand cream Urea.

That’s it for today! I really hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Have a nice day ❤

Love, Dajana.

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