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Hey my loves!

Few days ago I received some of the Dusty Girls makeup products to try out, and I have to say that I was really impressed by some of them! Dusty Girls is an Australian brand, created by the same company that makes Moogoo. Their products are all-natural, technically edible (although I’d recommend eating actual food over cosmetics any day) and cruelty free. On the back of the every product package says: “Not tested on animals (they are cute enough without makeup)”. How sweet is that? Although they’re based on Australia, they ship worldwide and you can find them HERE.

If you want to see which products I like the most, continue reading. 🙂


The first products is the Earth Cream. Earth Cream is a multi-tasking product.  First and foremost, it is meant to be used as a foundation.  It’s aimed at acne prone skin types as well as sensitive skin types.

This cream is also used as a moisturizer, primer, sun block and concealer as well-WHAT?!  Yes.  It feels super light and creamy but actually has a clay base with oils such as Nigella Sativa Oil and Manuka Tree Leaf Oil for acne prone skin.

Also, Magnolia Acuminata Extract for soothing and Chaulmoogra Tree Seed Oil for skin repair.  As you can see, this foundation is meant for problem skin.  Since I’m not currently breaking out, I can’t really attest to this but I will say, the ingredients speak for themselves.  This is a great product for people that are prone to clogging but need something to cover the blemishes.


It’s also excellent for those that have extremely sensitive skin, finding it hard to use products aimed to cover the skin.  It has an SPF of 6 which seems slight but because it’s a physical sunblock, meaning that it forms a barrier between your skin and the sun, it lasts as long as the cream is on your skin.  Oh, and it is considered non-comedogenic.

When I tried Earth Cream I was shocked at how little I needed in order to even out my skin and cover imperfections.  It is light but substantial and allows my skin to breath. This foundation is also capable of layering.  If you need extra coverage, you can apply a thin layer, allow to dry, then apply another layer.

Earth Cream – Natural Tinted Cream for Acne Prone Skin 50ml $18.50



The second product I got is the Mineral Foundation Powder. The actual powder itself is just lovely. And the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The powder is free of clogging silicone, UV filters, penetration enhancers which can irritate or chemical preservatives, yet provides SP15 production!

I like to apply Earth Cream first, leave it for a couple of seconds, then I apply the powder with the Kabuki Brush. It feels really light on the skin, and gives me a very natural look. I would probably still use a heavier foundation if I was getting more formally dressed up, but for day to day wear, the Earth Cream and this powder are perfect.

Natural Mineral Foundation Powder 10g $29.00


The next product is the Natural Mineral Bronzer. At first I was slightly worried about the colour, in the pan it looks very warm and orange toned with shimmer throughout, on my pale skin that could look a tad clown like!

I then swatched it and the pigmentation was great but again I thought the colour wouldn’t suit me. But once layered & blended onto the cheeks it looked very natural and gave a sunkissed glow to the skin.
It is really pigmented to touch but transfers onto the skin more subtle which is what I prefer with bronzers, the shimmer ever so slightly comes off on the cheeks but it gives a nice glow rather than a ton of sparkles slapped on the skin. This is easily builadable as well if you prefer a deeper colour on the skin.

I think the packaging is really cute, very farm style and pleasing on the eye. The little box it comes with has directions on how to use the product and it did give me abit of a giggle.

“Go easy. Bronzer is designed to add subtle colour, not coverage. You want to look like a sunkissed goddess, not a kumquat.”
Natural Mineral Bronzer 15g – Sunshine $25.00
And the last product I got is the Natural Vegan Lipstick. I received the lipstick in the shade Maca Nude. The packaging is again really gorgeous. This lipstick is completely vegan as well, edible, and also include jojoba oil and vitamin E. The shade itself is very flattering and I can see it suiting a lot of people. Very natural looking and great for everyday wear. It lasted around 3hrs before I needed a touch up.
“Maca Nude” Natural Lipstick 5g $19.50
Overall I’m really impressed with all the products from Dusty Girls. They all feel very nice on the skin and I will definitely purchase some other products from them to try out.

*These products were sent to me by Dusty Girls for review, however all views and opinions are my own.

That was it for today! Have you ever tried anything from Dusty Girls? 🙂

Have a nice day❤

Love, Dajana.

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