Things Bloggers Usually Never Talk About


1) A lot of money is spent. Now I know a lot of bloggers like to say that you don’t particularly need a lot of money to start a blog, which yes, to some degree is true. But rather than spending money solely on my blog, it’s more the issue of reading other people’s blogs which get my buying and buying. Do you know how many cleansers and lipsticks I have purchased because of these people!? Yes I blame you, not my blatant shopping habit that I have. With buying does of course come blogging, so it’s this never ending circle of buying and being poor. Which I can’t do. But somehow manage to do.

2) There are some things you want to blog about but just can’t. Whether it be too personal or you are worried your readers will want to start throwing rocks at you telepathically you just can’t. I was very close to writing a blog post a couple of weeks ago on a topic I desperately wanted to rant about but as my blog is obviously public and not anonymous I just couldn’t. I couldn’t bare to read the comments either. The struggle. is. real….especially when I love being honest with my readers, but sometimes honesty can be a little bit of a nightmare to face…. I bet you all desperately want to know what the topic is now don’t you.

3) Not all of your friends will “get it”. I have some friends who have been reading my blog for months and always talking to me about it and think it’s fun and also just like looking at the pretty pictures. Some on the other hand just don’t get it? If we’re out for dinner or lunch and I’m like “ermagad cute tea cup, must photograph for blog” they look at me with that emoji face that has the straight line and wide eyes. Yeah you know the one. 

4) It takes up a lot of time. Whether it be taking blog photos, planning blog posts, writing those blog posts or taking Instagram photos, you will spend hours if not more trying to get that white background looking snow white. The worst part? There’s only around 2 hours in the day where the sunlight is mildly photo-acceptable and neither bright blue or disastrously orange.

5) Gaining followers is a lot harder than thought. There are hundreds of thousands of beauty, lifestyle, food and travel bloggers out there. You really do have to bring something “different” to the table. Not really sure what mine is, probably the fact that I joke far too much about my unattractive appearance half the time.

That was is for today! I really hope you enjoyed! Tell me in the comments with which ‘fact’ you agree the most! 🙂

Have a nice day❤

Love, Dajana.

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32 thoughts on “Things Bloggers Usually Never Talk About

  1. everlastingnikita says:

    This is so true! I just started and I read so many posts of products that I WANT TO TRY! plus also watching so many beauty gurus on youtube isn’t helping either. I just watched a 30 minute video of what’s new at the drugstore and I’m like … damn there goes my paycheck! 😂

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  2. Victoria says:

    The photography struggle though! I am not much of a photogapher to begin with, but the lighting conditions are horrible this time of year. I also agree with the point of how hard it is to gain followers. My blog is just for personal enjoyment, but it is nice to see other people liking what you write about 🙂

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    • dajanaerd says:

      I always struggle with my photos. 😦 I recently bought a softbox, but one softbox is good for makeup pictures and some close ups. But if I want to take blog photos of some products I need at least two softboxes. Till I get another one I will have to do my pictures on my balcony and struggle with the lighting. 😀


  3. Jenny Dunlop says:

    This is so true! I loved this post. Laughing at the straight line emoji, I get that all the time 😂 the look of “you aren’t really doing that here” 😂

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  4. Dee says:

    I agree with all 5 points 100%! #3 especially! I haven’t even shared my blog with friends or family. I just don’t see the point because they think me spending more than $5 in a month on makeup is crazy.


  5. ayrgalaxy says:

    Very true. I think my #1 would have to be that my friends just don’t get it. Which is why I’ve kept this a secret for so long but Instagram has now made it possible for everyone to see my profile after ONE person followed me. Now everyone wants to see what’s it all about lol.

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  6. TheBeauty&FoodLab says:

    Totally agree with you!! And most people don’t get that taking pictures, thinking what to write next, writing a post and then editing it and reading over and over again before hitting that Publish button is really hard and stressful no matter how much you enjoy doing it. xx❤️


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