5 Tips For Clearer Skin


While my skin is by no means severely acne prone, I do struggle with an acne flare up every so often. For me one of the most important thing is a clean skin, so today, I thought I would share 5 of my best tips for keeping your skin clearer, healthier, and less likely to breakout.

If you want to see more, continue reading. 🙂

1. NEVER go to bed without taking your makeup off first

2. Regularly wash your makeup brushes and sponges

3. Try not to touch your face throughout the day unless you absolutely have to (bacteria and dirt from your hands can get on your face and clog pores, resulting in breakouts)

4. Learn which skin type you have so you can properly treat and care for it

5. Throw away old makeup and beauty products that are past their expiration date


That was it for today, I hope this was helpful for some of you out there. 🙂 Tell me in the comments if  you have any tips or tricks for clear skin?

Have a nice day❤

Love, Dajana.

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