Essence Get Picture Ready! Pore Refining Mattifying Primer | Review


I’ve been wanting to try this product for such a long time! You can probably guess what kind of product this is after reading the name. Correct, it’s a pore primer! So, today I will be reviewing Essence Get Picture Ready! Pore Refining Mattifying Primer in this blogpost, continue with reading if you are interested! 🙂


It has a gorgeous matt, white to baby pink packaging. On the back It has English as well as German and French descriptions on it.

I just love it that the packaging of Essence cosmetics is always super cute, no matter what kind of product it is, it has great colors and the packaging is great. The product goes out easily, just squeeze the tube a bit and the product will come out.



On the back it says that this is a ultra smooth primer that results in an optically pore refined finish. The texture is enriched with vitamin E, provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid to even out fine lines and to moisturize your skin, while resulting in an instant matt finish. The light rosé texture is translucent upon application and can be used alone or underneath your favorite make-up. Suitable for all skin tones.

The product is very easy to spread by the way. This primer contains perfume and i have to be honest, the scent is nice. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to pore minimizing products, I just don’t believe products can actually do that.



I do have quite large pores, especially on and around my nose and on my cheeks and I’d love them to look a little less obvious. This product does do that for me. It definitely does not do wonders, but it’s the best a product has ever done for me.

I do like the way it smears out and blends into the skin though. It doesn’t get flakey or anything like that and it doesn’t feel greasy.

When it comes to making your makeup stay in place longer I do think it works but I’m not certain. I do always use a primer but to be real honest here I never really know if it really makes a difference when it comes to making your makeup long lasting. As long as it doesn’t make anything worse, which this one doesn’t, I’m okay with it.


Overall disappearing pores is not exactly why I love the Essence Get Picture Ready! Pore Refining Mattifying Primer so much. I love it, because it keeps my oily skin at bay and makes my foundation looking great. The texture and formula are so smooth and soft; it feels very silky to touch and makes the skin look completely matte.

Have a nice day❤

Love, Dajana.

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