8 Things Bloggers Do

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Since today is a Monday and nobody likes Mondays, I’ve decided to do something fun and share 8 things bloggers do, to cheer you all up. I hope you will have fun reading this, as much as I had fun writing it. Whether you’ve been blogging for 5 days or 5 years, there are some things we can’t deny we all do, things that  “non-bloggers” would look at us like we’re completely deluded.

If you’re interested to see more, continue reading. 😉


1. Brought Fresh Flowers just for a blog/Instagram picture, it sounds extreme, but you can’t deny it – we know you did it. We know.

2. Brought every single planner/organizer, to do list note pad, pretty pencils, post it notes, a pin board and 20 different diary’s, but are still no closer to being organised. Hey, at least they make good photo props!

3. Sat staring at your ASOS saved items list, convincing yourself those shoes would look great in a blog post, so technically you’d be buying them for work purposes? Oh go you, you’re so dedicated to the job. Might as well add that mascara and necklace to the bag too, because what’s the point of ordering just one thing? Multi-tasking queen!

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4. Going waaaay out of your way to head to a certain lunch spot, simply because you’ve heard they have marble tables. Then ordering the Avo-toast and a coffee, because could you get anymore Instagram?

5. Asked Friends/Colleges/Partners to wait until you’ve got the perfect shot before they can tuck into their drink or food.

6. Telling yourself over and over again you shouldn’t care what people think when you’re moving around the cutlery, drinks and food on your table to get the perfect picture, when really you’re constantly peering over your shoulder to see if anyone is looking.


7. Reading other blogs, deciding yours is awful,you might as well give up & forget that the idea ever existed. Followed by a serious ice-cream binge and a 4 marathon deep Kardashians spurge. Before getting back right into blogging the next day, obviously.

8. Deleted your Snapchat selfie thinking you can definitely get a better one, 10 photos later realising you should have probably kept that first one. If only there was an “un-do” option.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you did, let me know in the comments! I love reading your comments. 🙂

None of these pictures are mine. I found them on weheartit and pinterest. 

Have a nice day❤

Love, Dajana.

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5 thoughts on “8 Things Bloggers Do

  1. Mammu says:

    I agree with two last ones lol Others are more something to take notes from if I want to become a “real” blogger 😀 I need to start buying fresh flowers or any kind of flowers 😀 Great post 🙂


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