What Not To Do In Germany


Hey my lovelies,

I hope you are all doing extremely well! I have something really fun for you today. This post is ”What Not To Do In Germany”! Since I live here almost three years I thought it was a great idea to write a blog post about it. I’m doing this for your safety and you well being here. Just listen to me. 😀

I hope you will enjoy. 

  • Don’t wear shoes in someone else’s house! And if you can, bring a little extra ‘house shoes’ (hausschuhe) in your purse to bring in someone’s house or wear some socks. BUT seriously, don’t wear shoes in people’s house. They don’t like it.



  • Don’t make Hitler jokes. Don’t make nazi jokes. Don’t make jokes about World War II. Just don’t do it. It’s not funny, no one will laugh and they will get really offended. Sometimes you can get in a lot o trouble if you do the heil hitler sign or you can be put in jail. So just don’t do it.

liftarn-international-tidyman-logo-against-fascism               aa686682a392a160489c6b3e150afd0e3e4ff5582e796a9b1df6957fd8cbd932


  • Don’t be late. And if you’re going to be late send a little message, call, do something to say that you will be late. But don’t show up 20 minutes late like ”oh it’s normal”. No, it’s not!



  • Do not go at the cross light or the stop light if it’s red and there is a child near you. There are many signs that say don’t cross, be a good ‘role model’ for the children. You will get mean looks, someone might actually say something to you.



  • Don’t use ”you” to people you don’t know. When you speak German the word “you” can be translated by “du” or “Sie”. It’s similar to “ti” and “Vi” in Serbian. Using “Sie” is a sign of respect. When you are invited to use “du” with someone, it means the relationship has become more familiar. When you hesitate, use “Sie”.



I hope you enjoyed reading this! I tried to make it a little bit more funnier and not so serious with the pictures, but you really shouldn’t do those five things in Germany. 😀

Have a great weekend ❤

Love, Dajana.

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3 thoughts on “What Not To Do In Germany

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    Nice one! I too don’t think it’s OK for people to assume they can leave their shoes on when they’re at someone else’s place. And I like the idea of wearing slippers. Much better than thinking about someone else’s damp and smelly socks leaving their marks…


  2. Mammu says:

    There was this german family friend who always visited us and always wore shoes. And we were like “damn germans why do they have to wear shoes inside!” 😀 So I thought it was normal for them.


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