Makeup Revolution BEYOND FLAWLESS Palette


Hey my loves,

I’m back with another eyeshadow palette to share with you my opinion on it. I didn’t need another neutral eyeshadow palette, but when has that ever stopped me?  You may have seen my recent Mini Make-up Haul post, in which I picked up Makeup Revolution’s Beyond Flawless palette; I promised a post on that would be forthcoming, and here it is! 🙂


So Makeup Revolution is definitely the dangerous brand for me as their eye shadows are good quality, very affordable and they bring a new palette every couple of weeks!
Beyond Flawless palette contains 32 eye shadows and it comes in a golden box that makes it look like a more expensive product than it actually is. The actual packaging is a classic black plastic, sleek case with secure closure and a big mirror inside.
All the shades have names which are printed on a plastic sheet. It’s a palette full of neutrals with different finishes from matte, through satin to shimmery/metallic. If you’ve tried Makeup Revolution eye shadows you know that they are soft, easy to blend, well pigmented and they last long on the lids.
This palette has mostly shimmers with one or two more glittery shades, some with a pearlescent finish and of course a couple of mattes. Is it just me or is this kind of like they squeezed all 3 Naked palettes into one?
The colours in this palette are really gorgeous. These colours are exactly what I like to wear on a daily basis or even for a night out.
My favourite shades are Light Caramel, Expresso and Chestnut. Dove is also a lovely shade; it looks matte in the pan but once you apply it, it definitely has a pearly sheen. The only shade I really don’t see myself using is Bare Pink as it’s a bit powdery and glittery, whereas the others are smooth with a nice amount of shimmer.
Next you can see two matte shades; Brunette (a really nice pink-grey) and Sandstone, which
looks like it has poor colour pay-off but it’s actually not too bad at all; it’s just basically my skin tone! I’m not mad on Nightfall as it’s a little hard to blend, however in small amounts you can use it to smoke up your look a bit. I really love the colours Bronze and Autumn but Cookie Dough is a nice cooler shade too.
There’s only one matte shade on this row; Tawny and though it isn’t that pigmented it’s an easy-to-use crease colour. I think the shade I reach for most is Teddy from this set and least is Blackest, as I found it a bit hard to blend. You have pretty much any shade you need to make a neutral eye look a little more smokey and evening-appropriate.
Over all I think this palette has an amazing quality for such a low price, considering there is 32 different shades altogether, you can’t go wrong for only around 10€! The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is really, really good, some are not as pigmented as others, but I find all of the shimmers to be super pigmented, especially the pinks and browns.
This palette has loads and loads of neutral day to day shades, as well as a few darker shades to mix it up so you are able to create an everyday look, as well as an evening look. The two bottom rows are very, very similar, I feel that the bottom row could easily be taken away and you’d still have a perfectly good palette. But, the more eyeshadows the better, right? I’ll create some looks with this in the future.
That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have you ever tried any Makeup Revolution products? 🙂

Love, Dajana.

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