Everyone loves make-up and loves it even more when it’s not really expensive. The following products listed below are just that, inexpensive and great quality. Luckily for us there are lots of brands that creates affordoble beauty products. Today I’m going to share my five favorite beauty products that cost less than 5 Euro’s.

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Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer


In general, most of the affordable make-up brands do well with products like lipsticks, liners and brow kits but it is rare to find a concealer that’s great for under a tenner which is why I can’t speak highly enough of this product. The formula is liquid enough that you wear it underneath eyes but it has enough pigment to cover blemishes as well. If you follow me long enogh, you know that I love this concealer!

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 3,49€

P2 Ultimate Matte Top Coat


The top coat applied like a regular top coat, as in it applied with shine to it. After about 30 seconds it started to dry matte. I’m completely in love with this product and I will also recommend this product to anyone who loves experimenting with nail paints and wants to purchase something different which can provide a new look to their nails.

P2 Ultimate Matte Top Coat 2,45€

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss – The Matt


The product comes in a sleek clear tube with a somewhat flat applicator which is very convenient to apply this product. I have this habit of smelling lip products and this one smells caramel and vanilla which I love, the scent disappears once the product is applied. It has a creamy texture and consistency and applies more like a lip cream than a gloss, which I really like. I am impressed by their formula, which is matte and moisturizing at the same time. The color is very, very similar to Mac Velvet Teddy matte lipstick!

Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss – The Matt 2,25€

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner


Primer looks like a light pink moisturizer. It blends so smoothly and feels light on skin. Texture is like soft and creamy. It nicely absorbs into skin and settles down into a very natural, soft, silky texture.

Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner 4,99€

Alverde Pretty Mauve


The texture is very creamy & has stayed up to 6 hours on my lips without the color disappearing. The color is perfect, in the shade ”Pretty Mauve”. The color is very similar to the Mac Soar lip pencil.

Alverde Pretty Mauve 1,75€

That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Tell me what are your under 5 € favorite beauty products! 🙂

Love, Dajana.

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  1. stashy says:

    Aside from the Essence, I can’t get anything else from your list! I want Catrice to come to Canada so badly! That Catrice concealer looks SO good. I’ve tried P2 products before and they’re quite good for the price!


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