W7 Africa Bronzing Powder Review


Hey my loves ❤

The product I’m talking about today is the W7 Africa Bronzing Powder. If you’re interested in seeing more, keep on reading!


W7 Africa Bronzing Powder has a really similar packaging to Benefits Boxed Hoola Bronzer and their Rockateaur blusher, with it’s cardboard box packaging. I don’t know why but I really like the boxed packaging as it looks really nice and holds the product really well – gotta love pretty packaging.

Included in the box is a small brush which is actually super soft, normally brushes that come with products are rarely used but I actually really like this brush and like the touch of pink ombré effect on the bottom of the bristles. I do think a brush this style help makes applying bronzer a lot more easier.


The Bronzing Powder itself is designed and inspired by Africa and the Tiger/Leopard print, it’s a really pretty design. All together there are three shades a dark brown, a light bronze shade and a bright pink all with bits of shimmer running through.

Once swirled with the brush provided altogether I got a very pale pink blush shade with a subtle highlight. Because the overall shade was pink toned I didn’t use it as a bronzer but as a blusher instead as the shades altogether make a very pretty and subtle blush shade that adds a nice flush of colour to the cheeks. It is well pigmented swirled together and can be built up, when I first tried it out I made the mistake of using way too much haha!


I first applied it using the brush that came with it and it was super soft on the face a really great brush I cannot fault it, it held the product fairly well and the bristles didn’t fall out, it’s ideal to use to contour but not so much for blush as I preferred to use a regular blush brush. All in all I like I really like this Bronzing Powder but I find works better for me as a blush rather than a bronzer.

Have you tried any W7 Products? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Love, Dajana. 

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