I Heart Makeup Golden Goddess / Blushing Hearts


Hey my loves ❤

Quite a while ago Too Faced launched a blush in the shape of a heart. Everyone loved it, which is not weird since the blush looks absolutely adorable. Because the Too Faced ones were so popular, lots of other brands created their own version of it. Even though the hype is already pretty much gone, I still really wanted to try the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts. I never really got the chance to give them a try when they were still super popular, but better late than never. Today I’m going to be reviewing two of them, actually one is a baked blusher and the other one is baked highlighter. If you’re interested in finding out more about them, continue reading! 🙂


The I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts come in the most adorable packaging, which is the main reason why I, and I think most people who own them, bought them. Sometimes I feel like heart shaped makeup products tend to look a little cheap or childish, but these blushes don’t look like that at all. I really like the way they look. The pink colour, the shiny heart shape inside the heart and I love the font they used to write down the name of the product.

The packaging is made out of cardboard and is pretty big. It does take in quite some space in my makeup collection. Because they are this adorable, I don’t really mind that, but if you store your makeup in a really small place, it could be a problem.tumblr_ob4l2iwAqf1rd6pg7o5_1280

I won’t say it’s a blusher. It’s more like a highlighter to me and works great during both daytime and nighttime. It’s very silky in texture and super soft to touch which ensures easy and smooth application.

I’m not impressed by this product. It works great as a highlighter, like I already said, but I bought it especially because it says it’s a blusher, that’s why I was so disappointed.


I’m really sorry for the negativity in this review, but I’m not impressed by these blush hearts at all. I definitely don’t recommend them if you’re looking for a blush, but as a highlighter it works great.

The I Heart Makeup Blush Hearts €6,99


Now let’s start with a highlighter.

Besides creating blush hearts, I Heart Makeup creates highlighter hearts as well. Mainly because of the packaging I decided to give one a try, and today it’s time for the review.

The I Heart Makeup Highlighter Heart comes, surprise surprise, in a heart shaped packaging. Instead of pink, the highlighter heart is white and has purple letters on it. I still really like the look of the packaging. I think it’s girly and cute.

As far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong, the highlighter heart comes in one shade only, which is the one I have, called Goddess Of Love. This is a very pretty basic highlighting colour that would look good on pretty much every skin tone. But even though it’s basic, it’s not ugly or boring at all.


The colour of this highlighter is actually one of my favourite colours when it comes to highlighter. It’s a very pretty soft golden biscuity colour with a very pretty fine shimmer. I really like that the shimmers aren’t too chunky, since that could look cheapish.

Quality wise it’s not a bad highlighter at all. I expected it to be not too great since the blushing hearts by I Heart Makeup just weren’t my faves, but I’m positively surprised.

That because it has the right amount of pigmentation. It isn’t too extreme, but it isn’t too settle either. I like a pretty strong highlight so if I buy a highlighter I want it to be able to give me that, and this one is definitely capable of that. I think it’s very easy to work with and I think it looks absolutely stunning on the skin. It’s gorgeous.


Overall I think the I Heart Makeup Goddess Of Love Highlighter is really pretty. I think the packaging is adorable and I love shade of the highlighter. I like that it’s strong enough for my liking, but it’s not too extreme. I also think it’s a very easy product to work with and I really enjoy using it. I highly recommend buying it!

The I Heart Makeup Tripple Baked Highlighter €6,99

Have you already tried any of these products? If yes, tell me what you think about them. 🙂

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

Love, Dajana. 

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9 thoughts on “I Heart Makeup Golden Goddess / Blushing Hearts

  1. BeautesantedeVal says:

    J’aime beaucoup le packaging vintage de cette marque Too Faced en blush, je l’ai acheté il y a plus de 2 mois et j’en suis très satisfaite, il donne bonne mine en un coup de pinceau 😉


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