Using Social Media To Promote Your Blog


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Today I’m going to write about how I use social media to promote my blog and why is it working so great. I’m honestly not sure what I would do without social media, especially when it comes to promoting my blog. Although I had a Facebook and Twitter account years before starting this blog, using those two channels, along with Intstagram and Google Plus have really helped with getting people to notice me and my little space on the internet. Which is why I thought I’d share with you all some tips on getting the most of out of these platforms and using social media to promote your blog. Continue reading




Everyone loves make-up and loves it even more when it’s not really expensive. The following products listed below are just that, inexpensive and great quality. Luckily for us there are lots of brands that creates affordoble beauty products. Today I’m going to share my five favorite beauty products that cost less than 5 Euro’s.

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Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette Review


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I feel like I naturally gravitate towards mid-priced brands these days; you get a lovely product in a pretty package without feeling like you’re spending a bomb and Zoeva fits perfectly into that category. I have been shopping a lot of eye makeup recently, specially eye shadows, and one of them is Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette. I’m so happy to share my thoughts on this palette with you guys 🙂 Continue reading

I Heart Makeup Golden Goddess / Blushing Hearts


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Quite a while ago Too Faced launched a blush in the shape of a heart. Everyone loved it, which is not weird since the blush looks absolutely adorable. Because the Too Faced ones were so popular, lots of other brands created their own version of it. Even though the hype is already pretty much gone, I still really wanted to try the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts. I never really got the chance to give them a try when they were still super popular, but better late than never. Today I’m going to be reviewing two of them, actually one is a baked blusher and the other one is baked highlighter. If you’re interested in finding out more about them, continue reading! 🙂
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