Mini Makeup Haul


Hey my loves ❤

I wanted to do a quick mini makeup haul. I picked up some new things that I wanted to try out. Even though I tried not to spend too much, I did buy a few amazing goodies. Today I’m going to show you what I’ve got. If you’re interested in finding out, make sure you continue reading! 

I need to say that I haven’t tried any of these products yet, exept Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter. My package came on Friday, so I didn’t really got a chance to try them out. As soon as I try all of the products I will do a big review on every single product I got.


As an eyeshadow junkie I love buying and trying new eyeshadow palettes. Every once in a while I treat myself and buy one. The thing I love about these Makeup Revolution palettes is that you get 32 colors. When you buy a palette like this one you can go all the way. You can go black and purple, pink and brown, really whatever you want. Another amazing thing about it is that it also contains a few matte shadows. That’s always a plus.


Triple Baked Blusher – Peachy Pink Kisses, I’m really loving this one, I think it might be a very good blush, it’s such a lovely peachy shade I can’t wait to try it out.

The shade I picked up is called the “Golden Goddess” which is a shimmery yet a pearly beautiful rose gold color.


This is a bronzing powder from W7, the packaging is really similar to Benefits Boxed Hoola Bronzer and their Rockateaur blusher, with it’s cardboard box packaging. Included in the box is a small brush which is actually super soft, normally brushes that come with products are rarely used but I actually really like this brush and like the touch of pink ombré effect on the bottom of the bristles.


Since the very beginning of my highlighter obsession, The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer was the one product that kept coming up again and again in recommendations. It took a while to get my hands on one, but now that I have I’m never letting go!

That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed. 🙂

Love, Dajana.

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