Urban Beauty United (UBU)


Just before my birthday I was contacted by Urban Beauty United or UBU as they are better known. They sent me a small selection of their new collection to review for my lovely readers.

So the lovely Michelle from UBU sent me:

Complexion Tool:

Foundation brush
Concealer brush
Powder brush

These make-up brushes have a really fun look, with glossy white and rose gold handles and vivid neon pink heads!

The first is Foundation brush which I like very much, as it has fine synthetic bristles that have a lovely silky feel and glide smoothly over the skin. I generally prefer to apply foundation using my beauty blender, but I find that the tip of this brush is ideal for applying cream highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, and cream contour products just under the cheekbones. Just remember to blend out really well to avoid a stripy face!

Concealer brush 

Before getting this brush set I had never used a concealer brush before, i would normally use my foundation brush or my finger for that job but now I don’t think I could live without this UBU concealer brush. The size makes it so easy to work with when highlighting your face. I use a cream concealer and helps me get into the small corners of my eyes.

Powder brush

This brush is meant to be the ultimate multi tasker, you should be able to use for powder, blush, bronzer application. I have been using this powder brush just for applying powder to my face.  It is an ultra soft bristle brush that feels like soft feathers sweeping across your face. I am very impressed with the very fine quality of the brush.  I apply a sheer powder as the last step of my makeup routine, to set my makeup, and this brush makes is a breeze to do in seconds.

Eyelash Curler


I’ve tried eyelash curlers before. Many, in fact. But this one truly impressed me, and not just because it’s incredibly pretty to look at. First of all, it’s easy and comfortable to hold. It doesn’t feel like it’s awkwardly digging into your thumb or forefinger, which makes it much easier to angle it properly. Then, the spring helps the curler grip my last perfectly – not too hard that it hurts, but hard enough that it’s actually doing something. I didn’t experience any ‘oops-I-caught-the-skin-on-my-eye-lid’ moments and was very pleased with how much the jazzy little tool lifted my lashes. A definite must for those looking to add some oompth to their lashes.

False Eyelashes


This eyelashes look a bit scary in the packaging because they’re so long and curly at the ends. But they are much nicer on. At first I thought they will look very dramatic on my eyes, but  I need to say that they look really nice once you put them on and they don’t look dramatic at all. You can see my picture down below with these lashes.

Blender Baby


I love that I can blend all my creamy makeup — from concealer to foundation to highlighter to cream blush with this Blender Baby Sponge. The pointed tip helps you get in the corners of eyes and around the nose and the slanted sides make blending on the cheeks a breeze.

Mini Tweezer Set


Stay professionally plucked and tweeze as you please with this set of mini tweezers, featuring all tips, including slant, flat, combo and point.

I thought I had a full arsenal of tweezers until I received these adorable Minnie Me’s Tweezers from UBU. Have you ever had one pesky hair that you just can’t grip with your tweezers? Or you have a brow hair that’s so fine your tweezers slide right off? Well, with Minnie Me’s you will not have that problem. A set of 4 tweezers with every type of tip you could possibly need solve all your micro hair tweezing problems.


Have you tried any cosmetic tools from the UBU range, and if so, what did you think of them?

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Love, Dajana. 

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