P2 Volume Gloss | Gel Look Polish Review


Hey my loves ❤

Today I will do a small review on this nail polish that I’ve bought last month. This time I bought a very natural looking color called 350 Cat Lover. If you’re interested in finding out more about this polish, make sure you keep on reading!


The P2 Volume Gloss nail polishes come in these really fancy looking square shaped glass bottles with a shiny silver lid. I really like the packaging. I like the fact that it’s square shaped and I like the silver lid. I think that overall this polish looks very fancy and not cheap at all, which is always a win for me.

The P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish range contains quite a lot of colors. I already own a few of them. The colors vary from bright to neutral and from dark to light. There is something in this collection for everyone.


The color I chose to buy is called 350 Cat Lover. 350 Cat Lover is a very neutral color. It’s a nude brown shade which I’ve been loving lately. I think colors like this are perfect for so many occasions, whether you have to polish your nails for a wedding, a job interview, a birthday party or just school, this color is always a good choice.

The thing I like so much about these Volume Gloss polishes is their finish. They all have this gorgeous gel look finish which I really, really like. I think it makes it look a little more put together and a little fancier. I’m so glad budget brands like P2 finally have polishes with finishes like that in their collections!


Another thing I like about this polish is that it’s very opaque. You definitely don’t need more than 2 layers of it to get full coverage out of it, which is not more than normal. Like I said before, the finish is really pretty and the overall look of this polish on my nails is absolutely gorgeous.

The staying power of this polish actually impressed me. Because it’s just a budget nail polish I didn’t expect it to stay in place that long, but it actually lasted for more than a week. Isn’t that incredibly impressive? I definitely think it is!


Overall the P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Polish is absolutely amazing. The color, 350 Cat Lover, is really pretty and appropriate for lots of different occasions, the gel look finish is absolutely stunning, the color itself is very opaque and the polish lasts for over a week. If you ever find yourself at a place were you can buy this polish, I’d recommend doing so!

The P2 Volume Gloss Gel Look Nail Polish is available at DM for €1,95.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know if you have any experience with the P2 Volume Gloss nail polishes, and if so, let me know which colour is your favourite!

Love, Dajana. 

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