Bilou Tasty Donut Shower Foam Review


Hey my loves ❤

Just about two weeks ago I was in DM, here in Germany and bought the most adorable shower foam ever. It’s by a brand called Bilou and the shower foam smells like donut. Maybe you already know and maybe not, this brand was made by a German YouTuber called ”BibisBeautyPalace”. I personaly don’t watch her videos, but if you are interested, check her out. 🙂

After testing it thoroughly, it’s finally time for me to review this little beauty. If you’re interested in reading more about it, make sure you keep on reading!


When I saw it in the store I fell in love with its cute packaging, and when I smelled it I was sure, I had to buy it.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Kada sam prvi put ugledala ovu penu za kupanje, zaljubila sam se u njeno pakovanje. A kada sam je pomirisala, jednostavno sam morala da je kupim. 

Let’s start off with discussing the packaging. I think that most of you who are reading this think exactly the same thing as I do: how adorable is this packaging?! I mean look at it. The packaging itself is white and the lid is light pink. On the front it says a few things about the shower foam, like the name of the brand and the scent, in an adorable font. I think this packaging is absolutely perfect.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Počnimo sa pakovanjem. Ja mislim da je ovo najlepše pakovanje koje sam ikad videla na nekom proizvodu. Jednostavno to belo pakovanje sa svetlo rožim poklopcem, i slatkim fontom na kome piše ime brenda i koji je miris. Jednostavno je preslatko.

The thing I might love the most about this packaging is the fact that the little pump works perfectly. The thing I always struggle with when it comes to shower foams is that after you use it it will still leak quite a lot of foam, this foam luckily doesn’t do that. That saves lots of product in the long run.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Najviše mi se dopada ova pumpića na vrhu proizvoda koja ispušta penu za tuširanje. Uglavnom kada koristim neke slične proizvode sa takvom pumpicom, nakon što je koristite na njoj ostane dosta proizvoda i tako se proizvod brzo troši. Dok se kod ove pumpice to ne dešava.


The shower foam is called “Tasty Donut”, so you can imagine that this is a very, very sweet scent. I have to say that if you’re not too much of a sweet tooth, this shower foam will definitely be too much for you. It’s incredibly sweet. Usually I don’t like that either, but for some reason I do really like the way this shower foam smells. It has something special to it.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Pena za tuširanje koji sam ja kupila se zove ”Tasty Donut”, tako da možete i da predpostavite da ova pena ima jako, jako slatki miris. Tako da ako ne volite slatke miriše, ne bih vam preporučila ovu penu. U suštini, ni ja nisam ljubitelj jako slatkih šampona, dezodoransa i slično, ali ova pena mi se baš sviđa kako miriše. Ima nekako poseban i prelep miris. 


On the back of the can you can find some additional information about this product in German. It says that this shower foam is made with love and passion. And it smells like donuts and strawberry frosting, simply delicious. It also says you’re not supposed to eat this shower foam. It also says that it’s a vegan product without minerals, silicones and parabens in it. To me that sounds pretty promising.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Na zadnjoj stani pakovanja možete da pročitate više o proizvodu. Ukratko piše da miris ovog proizvoda podseća na krofne prelivene glazurom od jagode. Isto tako piše da ova pena nije preporučljiva da se jede. Isto piše da je ovaj proizvod vegan i da je bez minerala, silikona i parabena.

After discussing all of those things, it’s finally time to take a closer look at the actual product. It might look really pretty from the outside and it might smell great, but is it any good? That’s the real question here.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Hajde sad da vidimo i koliko je ovaj proizvod zaista dobar. 


I’ve seen some of the youtubers reviewing this, and they said that after showering with this, their body smells like vomit. And I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t know if this works different on every skin or they just wanted to hate on this YouTuber and her brand, but I think it smells awesome.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Videla sam dosta jutubera kako prave recenziju, i kažu kako posle tuširanja ovim proizvodom njihovo telo se oseti na povračku. Što je jako smešno. Jer ova pena zaista prelepo miriše. Ova pena je jako mekana i daje hidrataciju koži.

The shower foam itself is super soft and feels really moisturising on the skin. A little bit goes a long way so this product will last for quite a long time, which is definitely a plus for me.

When it comes to the lasting power of the scent I’m not disappointed either. It doesn’t last all day, but it’s definitely stronger than most other shower gels or foams. At least it’s better than the ones I’ve tried.

Civil_Flag_of_Serbia.svg Miris ove pene, nakon tuširanja ne ostane ceo dan, ali definitivno ostaje duže od mnogih ostalih šampona i pena za tuširanje.


Overall I think the Bilou Tasty Donut Shower Foam is a great product. The packaging is incredibly cute and efficient and the foam smells really nice. Aside from that it’s also a very soft and moisturising foam with a pretty long lasting scent. I love it!

The Bilou Tasty Donut Shower Foam is available at DM for €3.95.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post, and let me know which shower foam you really enjoy using?

Love, Dajana.

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7 thoughts on “Bilou Tasty Donut Shower Foam Review

  1. stashy says:

    Ooh I’ve visited DM in Germany! I love checking out drugstores in other countries (I’m from Canada).
    Tasty Donut shower foam?! I never thought I’d read those words together on a product!
    How can something so yummy smelling turn into a vomit smell – I refuse to believe those other reviewers! 😛
    It’s funny – here, we don’t typically have shower foams, just shower gels or creams that you have to lather yourself. But, most recently, I saw that Bath & Body Works came out with some shower foam – I picked some up during their clearance sale and was very impressed!


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