5 Makeup Products I Never Travel Without


Hey my loves ❤

This year I’ve decided to travel to Serbia, and the reason why is because I’ve missed my country a lot. I will blog about it in the next few posts and I will vlog on my youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe HERE

And since I’m here, I’ve decided to write a post about 5 Makeup Products I Never Travel Without, these are the products I always have in my beauty bag!

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 

Concealer is one of the most important steps in my makeup routine. I always have very bad dark circles, whether I’ve had a good night sleep or not, they’ll always be there. Therefore a good under eye concealer is a must for me.

The concealer comes in a pretty typical concealer packaging. It’s just like most other liquid concealers and lipglosses. I do really like the way it looks though. I feel like Catrice did pretty well when it comes to giving their packagings a professional and good look. Even though I like somewhat more exciting packagings too, this ain’t bad at all. The tube is pretty long and contains 5,0 ml, which is just average.

The first thing about this concealer that stood out to me is the fact that it claims to be waterproof. Let’s start off with the waterproof part. I can already tell you that’s not completely true. It’s not like you can put this on, go swimming and still have this on your face afterwards. That’s not what this is like. However, it does survive a bit of rain, tears and sweat and in general it stays in place pretty well. But waterproof is just not the right word for it, that’s all.

Essence Eyebrow gel

Eyebrow gel is one of those boring products that you just need in your life. Without eyebrow gel my look just isn’t complete.

Essence Eyebrow gel comes in a small round tube. I really like how the tube comes in a color because you immediately know which color brow gel you’re dealing with and it’s just an easy way to recognize the product in your collection.

When it comes to fixating the brows and keeping them in place all day I think this brow gel is incredible. It works extremely well, better than all other brow gels I have ever used in the past. It keeps my brows in place all day and makes sure the product I put in in the morning, stays wherever I put it.

I really like the way it makes my brows look, I like the fact that it’s tinted and it does an amazing job at keeping my brows in place. I think it’s a great budget proof eyebrow gel and I feel like it’s one of the better ones out there!

Mac Taupe

Well, well, well another MAC lipstick. There is not much to say about the packaging, they all look pretty much the same. The thing I like most about the Taupe is that it’s pretty comfortable to wear but is also pretty long lasting.

Considering the fact it stays on my lips for about 5 to 6 hours, I’m more than okay with that. Love the color, definitely one of my favorite lippies from MAC! In my opinion, Taupe is a bolder version of Velvet Teddy with it’s earthy, brick red shade. I’ll typically wear Velvet Teddy in the day and transition to Taupe in the evening.

Freedom Eyeshadow Palette

There is a full review on this palette, you can read HERE.

Fit Me Pressed Powder

Also see the review HERE.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! Tell me what are your favorite makeup products and you just can’t go anywhere without, I’d like to know that 🙂



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14 thoughts on “5 Makeup Products I Never Travel Without

  1. Erin says:

    Ouu! I’m excited to see your posts about Serbia! I love seeing pictures of places people know, you get a bit more of a personal experience 🙂 When I travel I’ve brought with me lip balm, mascara, and two different eyeliners – a liquid and a a crayon. And sunblock, when it’s nicer weather months! Can’t risk a bad burn ruining your trip!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. bernard25 says:

    Bonsoir ou bonjour
    Toi mon amie ou mon ami
    Tu remplis mes jours de joie
    Le matin à mon réveil , tu seras présent au cours de ma journée
    Belle Amitié entre nous , tu ouvres mon cœur
    Tu me donnes ce que j’ai envie par tes petits messages
    Des fois je souries quand je suis mélancolique
    Bises passe une belle journée ou soirée

    Profite de la semaine à venir


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