How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

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Hey my loves ❤

Few weeks ago, when I wrote a post Blogging Tips & Advice  some of you sent me an email and some of you asked me on Instagram if I can make a post ‘How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone’, since you all know that all my picturs are taking with a phone. (Also, if you didn’t know,
you can ask me anything you want emailing me on

Okay, I know that affording a camera is not an option for everyone. Especially when you are just starting out blogging you don’t want to pay out for a camera straight away and you honestly don’t need to! I also use my phone for all of my blog and Instagram pictures. I’m not a professional with taking pictures or anything, I will just try to explain my way of taking good pictures with a phone and I hope this post will help some of you.


Obviously your phone, I have been using my Sony Xperia Z3 which has a 20 megapixel camera. And it’s actually really good. But sometime I use my Iphone 4s which has a 8 megapixel camera. Also my blog photos are always on a white background. If you are taking photos with your phone definitely use simple backgrounds rather than taking them on bedding and fussy backgrounds.

In my house we have no white surfaces anywhere! They are all cream or off white which doesn’t help. So how do I do my photos with a white background? I’ve bought myself a small Ikea table (here), which works perfect for taking pictures with white background. And it’s actually really affordable.


Natural light all the way. I have no special lights or light boxes, I simply just use natural light. I place the table near a window and work out which angle is best or sometimes I do it on the balcony. Don’t do it when the sun is directly in the window as it will create a yellow cast over your images! The more natural light the better. Also, I saw some DIY on the internet, ”how to build your own small photo studio”.I think it’s really easy and affordable and actually good for taking pictures with your phone. I will try to make it as soon as possible, and I will blog about it. Or maybe even make a video? 😉
Using your phone doesn’t stop you from trying different layouts. Personally, I don’t make just flatlays. I can take 50 photos for one post then i go through them all on my laptop and see which layout works best.
As I said I don’t edit my photos that much. I do have a few photo editing apps on my phone and most of them are free.  I use Adobe Photoshop Express which is FREE in the app store. I was quite shocked to find this app was free. When editing photos I may do them on my phone or upload them onto my laptop and then edit them. If I’m using my phone I will use VSCOcam. If I am doing it on my laptop I use PicMonkey (it’s also free).

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16 thoughts on “How To Take Good Pictures With Your Phone

  1. masha says:

    Dajana, first let me say that it’s so great to meet you. Great tips, I take all my photos with my iPhone, and these tips will help me to get better. Thank you.


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