Spring Nail Picks 2016

13106696_617868775031073_1949271544_o.jpgHey my loves ❤

Today’s post is going to be about my ‘Spring Nail Picks’. It doesn’t really look alot like spring outside, especially here in Germany. The weather here is so unpredictable. It was kind of warm a couple of day ago, and I was like, yes, finally Spring. But yeah, don’t get too excited when you live in Germany. That’s the rule.

Anyway, I absolutely love Spring nail polishes. It’s kind of my favorite time of the year to wear this nails polishes, because they are light pastel colors, so I’m just in love with them. So, I’m gonna show you my top 4 favorite picks for Spring.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

13106076_617868685031082_1628522532_o (1).jpg

I use Essence nail polishes a lot! The finish is super shiny and pretty long lasting. I normally get around four to five days worth of wear before any chipping appears. This purple is just gorgeous and perfect to wear in Spring.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish 


This nail polish is from the same collections, but in pink! These are so thick, one application was enough to get the perfect shade for me. I found that it does have a slight gel finish which is great, I love gel finishes. I’m in love with this color.

Rival De Loop


Rival De Loop is probably one of my favourite drug store nail polish brands. Not only are they unbelievably affordable, but the formula is not too thick, or too thin, and the wide angle brush makes it so easy to apply onto the nails. This is probably one of my favourite Spring shades, it’s a gorgeous creamy blue.

Essence ‘No Makeup Look’


As I’ve already mentioned I love Essence Nail Polishes. To get the perfect natural look with this “no makeup look” nail polishes is perfect for that. There are so many shade choices to choose from and the new shade range. They are perfect for those who love a nude nails. It is a pretty pale pink matte shade that is sheer, but it can be built up. It dries pretty quickly too which is a bonus.

You can take a look here for very cute and beautiful nail polishes HERE

What are your favourite nail polishes to wear in Spring?



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