Blogging Tips & Advice

blogging tips and advice

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So this is something that I get asked very often and I will really try my best to explain all the things about this. Even though I’m a new blogger and I’m also still learning, but I get asked this very often actually. The questions I get the most are ‘how to start a blog’ or if I can write some ‘blogging tips and advice’.

Also, if you didn’t know, you can send me your questions on ‘’. I’m answering all your questions there. 🙂


First thing you need to do is come up with a name. You want to have something catchy, something that will people remember. If you don’t have the name yet, the good idea is to sit down and write a bunch of the words that came into your mind and just put some words together and I’m sure you will end up with a great name.


You will need to create some sort of logo. You don’t have to hire a graphic designer or anything to create a logo for you, it can be a simple as picking just a unique kind of fonts and colors. You just really need to make sure you have some kind of logo, no matter how simple it is. Just so when people see it, they remember it.


The platform that you use is really important, personally I love WordPress, because it’s easy to use, it’s very search friendly. So what ever you are writing about it’s easily searched and found on google or other search engines. And it’s just highly customizable. You can make a really nice looking blog, without have to spend money. With wordpress you have the option of downloading templates and themes. You can actually find them through wordpress. They have their own library of themes and templates.


I’ve noticed that my traffic started growing substantially once I’ve started posting more frequently. Writing more is really great for bringing organic search traffic to your blog. Google gives higher priority to websites with new and fresh content.


I can’t talk for other bloggers, but I know this works for me. I often check out links people have left me in the comments, then I sometimes return the favour by commenting one of their posts that I’ve found interesting! This follows on from point one about how to get more people to find your blog. You don’t want to leave spammy “follow for a follow” comments, but if you leave a genuine comment and then a link to your blog after, other people are much more likely to check it out and comment on your post as well.

If you want to link your blog in your comments the code is:

<a href=””>you can write anything here</a>


Affording a camera is not an option for everyone. I have been using my Iphone to take my blog photos and I still use it. I also use Sony Xperia Z3. Using your phone for photography can be hit and miss but it all comes down to what you use and how you do it. Yes, some of my pictures weren’t the best but I am very proud of most of them. I can make a post soon how I take good pictures with my phone. If you are interested, comment below.


Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is something that can be a little daunting. It basically means where you are ranked in the search engine. The higher your blogs SEO the higher up in the list you are and more chance of people seeing your blog. I am no expert and I do not think I know everything when it comes to this topic, but I know the basics and since doing certain things i have definitely improved my blogs SEO.

Firstly, keep your title relevant to the post, secondly, set a keyword for your post and use it as much as possible without going overkill (also if you use this word in other posts – always link back!) and my final tip would be to add ALT tags to your imagery describing the content!

That was it for today! I really hope this was helpful for some of you!



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