Freedom Makeup London Review


Hey my loves ❤ I hope you all are doing great !

Few days ago I saw on the internet that there is a new budget makeup brand on the market (at least new for me) – Freedom Makeup London. The packaging might look familiar to you. It’s because it was created by the team behind Makeup Revolution.

Now, I wasn’t really sure how good this brand is, so I didn’t want to order a bunch of stuff. I’ve just ordered one small eyes shadow palette, just to test it and share it with you all.

But I know that Makeup Revolution is really good, so I kind of knew this will be also, but yeah. Let’s test it. 😉

The shades in this palette look beautiful and they are all nudes and rose gold shades. They are quite similar to the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay.

This palette contains 4 shimmery and 3 matte colors and comes with a double ended sponge applicator.


This palette is very small and cute, which works for on the go people, very travel friendly. I have an Iphone 4s and this palette is even smaller than my phone.


Let’s talk about the pigmentation 🙂

When it comes to the pigmentation I am not disappointed at all.

13035689_1328766127139925_1861933654_o     13062738_1328765963806608_663345314_o

I was so impressed when I swatched these for the first time. I really didn’t expect such an affordable eyeshadow palette to be this pigmented. And they are easy to blend.


However, if you’re on a budget, if you just don’t like or don’t want to spend a lot of money on makeup or eyeshadow I do think it’s a pretty good palette. But if you’re used to more expensive eyeshadow, just leave this palette where it is.

Over all I would say I’m just impressed by this palette. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in the end I think it’s a great palette. The colors are gorgeous and the pigmentation is impressive.

If you are interested I can do some eye makeup looks with this palette and I can post it on my instagram, so make sure to follow me there @dajanaerd.

Also, I have a question for you all, this doesn’t have to do anything with Freedom Makeup! Would any of you ever buy this lipstick CLICK HERE? Considering that it costs £60 / 80, it’s a little too much, or? 



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12 thoughts on “Freedom Makeup London Review

  1. BlingTreeG says:

    Omg.. That’s such a cool lipstick.. M digging the packaging.. If in some different color, I would definitely go for it, maybe as a bday gift to self😊.. In love with the the packaging…
    Also I love all the color of this palette… Beautiful post…


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