DIY Matte Lips Using Any Lipstick

Hey my loves ❤ I hope you are all doing extremely well!

Today i’m going to show you how you can create matte lips 🙂

Basically all my lipsticks are matte, but I do, of course, have some glossy ones too. I didn’t wear them that often and the only reason is because I don’t like glossy lipsticks. I really don’t like them on my lips, I get this strange feeling and…..just NO. 😀

But I do like the color of them and when I have tried this technique for matte lips, I was so happy. And i’m also very happy to share this with you all! Even though, i’m sure a lot of you already know about this. 🙂

All you need is your favourite lipstick, a face powder (I like to use translucent powder), tissue and a brush!

Start by lining your lips. There’s no need for lining your lips, I’m just a perfectionist so i’m doing it.

Once you’re all finished, take your tissue and break the double layer down into one single thin layer. If you lightly rub your tissue at the edge you will see it separate, just pull it apart from there.

Set the tissue on your lips.

Taking the powder onto your brush, sweep it over the tissue covering your lips, do this for a couple of sweeps. Remove the tissue and you now have a new matte lippy! It’s really that easy!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and I hope some of you will find this helpful!

Thanks for reading.




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