Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review


Hey my loves ❤

Today I will be reviewing a Maybelline FIT ME foundation and pressed Powder. Which you have to buy together if you have oily skin (like me). But as long as I know, Maybelline has now fit me foundation with matte finish, which I haven’t tried yet, but yeah.

Anyway, I’ve had this foundation for quite awhile, but I really wanted to put some time into testing it out to make sure I got a good feel for how it works.


The foundation in the Fit Me line comes very well presented within a glass bottle with black accents and a built in pump which prevents waste from dispensing excess product.
Actually this line is a very easy line to shop. After you found the foundation color that matches your skin, you don’t need to match the other Fit Me products one by one anymore because Maybelline has done it for you!
I have to say this 120 tone is a bit dark for me, but I like to use it when it’s summer or when i’m more tanned than on cold months.
The foundation is quite watery, so you get like a natural looking after applying, it has a very nice dewy, shiny finish, but it doesn’t look oily and it’s not too thick. It looks very natural, which I really like. It is covering redness very well and it’s easy to blend.
The Fit Me Pressed Powder is okay. Sturdy square packaging, with a plastic top so we can see inside. The shade number is printed on the top too! It comes with a thin puff and a mirror. The powder has a soft velvet like texture that sets make-up and reduces shine from the face without masking the face and wore for around 4 hours at a time on my oily skin. I suggest having this powder always in your bag, in case you will be out more then 4-5 hours. 🙂
So far, it’s my favorite foundation for my everyday makeup look, because it goes on smooth and doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing makeup. It looks very natural but still has a good coverage. I would say the coverage is medium, which is perfect for natural look.
Stay positive and don’t forget to smile!

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12 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

  1. JJheartblog says:

    So helpful! I was thinking about trying this one myself!! Does the powder get cakey, and emphasize fine lines? I wondered if it would work with a different foundation…


  2. Trishna Patel says:

    I practically live by the fit me concealer and have been tempted to give the foundation a go, so this review was super helpful 🙂 Have a lovely week ♥


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