DIY Easter Bunny Picture Frame


Hey my loves ❤

Since Easter is on Sunday, i’ve decided to do a cute little DIY project. It’s very easy to do it and you probably already have all stuff needed for this cute DIY.

You will need:

  • Frame
  • Paper: white and in color (I chose pink)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Color pen (I chose pink as well)



On one white paper write ‘I love Easter’ (or whatever you want). 😀


Make a bunny template! You can print it or you can draw it like I did and cut it. After that on the ‘I love Easter’ paper, out line the bunny and cut it.

12822940_1301486236534581_1864718723_o (1)

Glue the ‘I love Easter’ bunny to the pink paper and cut it, but leave 3-4 mm of the pink paper.


Like this


Now take the other white paper and glue the bunny on it and put it in the frame


Now take a small cotton as a bunny tail and glue it on the frame.



And you’re done. You have a cute little bunny picture to decorate your room. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this cute diy! If you try to do it please share it with me on instagram using a #DajanaDIY or send me on my facebook page 🙂

Stay positive and don’t forget to smile!


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