Mini Rossmann Haul


Hey my loves ❤

Today I wanted to do a small Rossmann haul, and the reason why I want to do it is because

in the part of the city where I live, there was a small Rossmann store that I didn’t like at all. It was very small, and there was not so much things you could buy.

But, in December 2015, they opened a new one, a bigger one and there is really so many things you can buy and I really like it a lot.

In this post I will not do reviews, I will just show you all things I bought, and in the next posts I will review some of the products. As you probably already know, I did a review on essence eyeshadow.


First I will start with these three products. The first thing I fell in love is this lipstick. I love the color and plus it’s matte. And you all know I love matte lipsticks.


                                               Rival de Loop Matte Lipstick costs €1,99

The Essence Quattro Eyeshadow is really amazing, you can read more about it HERE.


                                                 This Essence eyeshadow costs €2,99

And the next thing is Catrice Highlighter, I honestly have a love-hate relationship with this highlighter. I will definitely do a review on this one!


                                                        Catrice Highlighter costs €4,99

The next thing is this white makeup brush holder. It doesn’t have to be only for brushes, you can put whatever you want, but I think it looks very cute for brushes.

This one really reminds me of the Ikea brush holders!


                                                         Brush holder costs €1,95

Pretty Rose Hearts from Treacle Moon is the thing I was the most excited about, and i’m already in love!! It’s a body spray and it smells so good. I love it!!


                                   Pretty Rose Hearts Treacle Moon costs €2,95

When I was younger, maybe around 15, I had a lot of problems with dandruff. And then I just stopped having those problems for some reason, and few weeks ago, I started to realize that i’m starting to have them again, and it really bothers me a lot. My boyfriend told me about this Syoss anti-dandruff and I cannot wait to see results after a few weeks. I will definitely blog about it.


    Syoss antidandruff costs €2,99, but when I was buying it, it was €1,75

And the last thing I bought is these two nail polishes. They were together on the package. The color like a pink- purplish, and I really like it.


   They costs together around 2 or 3 €, i’m really not sure about this one.

Also, I made a FACEBOOK page, so if you want you can like it and talk to me there, it would make me really happy 🙂

Stay positive and don’t forget to smile!



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