Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Review



Hey my loves ❤

Today I have a review on Essence product and this time it’s an eyeshadow. Funny thing is I don’t really wear eyeshadows, but I tend to always pick up a neutral palette in case I ever want put some colour on my eyelids.

This time I bought something different, it’s this gorgeous eyeshadow quat. I thought that the colors were a little bit more unexpected than usual. I really like it.

I insantly thought of many different looks I could make with this little palette. (When i’m in the mood to put an eyeshadow on) 😀

It has a simple white shimmery shade, perfect as a highlighter. A yellowish gold color, which is perfect as a lid color. The pinky shade, which is my favorite, is also perfect as a lid shade and then you have this perfect purply brown color. I love it when brown eyeshadows have something purple in them, I think that’s so pretty!


These are swatches of the palette. All of the shades are pretty pigmented as you can see, except the pinky shade. I think it’s pretty impressive for a budget brand to have this kind of pigmentation. Especially the brown shadow is very pigmented.

This quattro is in the number 15 Most Wanted and costs €2,99

I also have an eyeshadow in the number 07 Over The Taupe

It’s alo a nice pallette, and is pigmented as well.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my post!

Stay positive and don’t forget to smile!


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