P2 Ultimate Matte Top Coat Review


Hey my loves ❤

If you follow my instagram for quite a while, i’m sure you saw already a pic of this top coat, but i’ve never said much stuff about it, so i have decided to do it now!


I think matte nails are gorgeous, but it’s not necessary to buy twenty new matte nail polishes, when you can just use a matte topcoat!

I’m searching for a long time for a good matte top coat. I have some matte nail polishes, but it’s of course, like i said not necessary to buy lots of thm, if it’s so easy to solve this with a top coat! Before i went to DM, i made a list with what i wanted to buy, and also this topcoat was on the list, so I just bought it and i’m so glad i did!

First I was not sure about this top coat, because i’ve never read any reviews about it, but I bought it anyway, and decided to write an review by myself, and tell you guys what I think about it.



On the back side of the top coat it says ”fast- drying top coat magically transforms glossy color polish into fashionable matte polish. Extends durability of color polish. Apply once on color nail polish”.

The bottle of the nail polish is what i really like, it’s a matte bottle and I think it looks really cute for some reason. 😀



Here I have nail polish “150 cute girl” and “ultimate matte top coat”.

This top coat dries so fast and it looks very nice on nails.

It also looks very nice on black nail polish, sadly I don’t have a picture at the moment, but I will post one on my instagram HERE, so make sure to check it out.

I have used it a few times now, and I do really like it. It gives my nails a nice matte finish!

Overall, I’m really like this top coat, so if you like matte nails like me, make sure to try this one out, because it really is good!



I really hope you enjoyed this review.

Have a nice day, and always think positive.






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