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Hey my loves ❤

So, I’ve decided to share with you the products I use on a daily basis. I really like these products, because I feel comfortable wearing them everyday, so I wear them when i go to school or when I go shopping and so on.

Most important thing is that, all these products are from drug store, and they are VERY affordable.

If you’re interested, keep on reading! 🙂






I will start with a primer, for me it’s very important to prime my face before putting foundation on, because of the pores and lines.

I use Catrice prime and fine. It does do it’s work. It blurs out my pores and any lines. It’s still visible though. After applying it, my face feels super smooth. It feels like spreading butter which is not oily. It does help my foundation to apply better.


Let’s start off with the packaging. (In Europe) the Perfect Match foundation came in a kind of nice shaped glass bottle with a silver pump.

The lightest shade I could find is 1.5 N Linen, which is actually the perfect match for my tan.

The fun thing is, when you feel the texture of this foundation, you wouldn’t think it would have great coverage. But the coverage is great (medium), It’s easy to blend and the finish is just amazing. Another amazing thing about this foundation is that it lasts literally all day.

I think it’s pretty clear that I am in love with this foundation. I’m so glad I decided to gave it a try, because i have had trouble with finding perfect foundation for me. So I highly recommend it!

The L’Oreal Perfect Match Foundation is available at the drugstore for €10,95.



I immediately loved the idea of a waterproof concealer. The shade is 010 Porcellain.  I like this concealer and the coverage is great. It does dry really quick though, so I suggest you start concealing one side of your face first and then the other. I always use my beautyblender to blend my concealer, and it’s perfect.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Waterproof Concealer €3.49



The powder comes in two shades, Natural and Beige. Obviously, I picked the lighter one, because I use this powder to ’’bake’’ my face. And I use it on the places where I have concealer on, and my concealer is a little bit lighter than my face, so it’s a perfect match.

So, for the price this is perfect, and for everyday makeup even better.

Manhattan soft mat loose powder (01 natural)


I love highlighting my face a lot, even though i have oily skin, i like to highlight, but I have to be careful.

For my everyday look, I like to use liquid highlighter from manhattan. I use a little bit of it, on my highest points of my cheek bones, tip of my nose, cupid’s bow, and my chin and i put a little bit under my brows. At the end i put a little bit blush on and that’s it.

I use Matt blush from essence. Berry me up is a darker warm pink shade that gives a rosy-pink finish. I love the quality of these, the finish is just so natural for a powder blush.



(My eyebrow set is very bad looking, so i took the picture from the internet).

I’ve been using this for my eyebrows for a few years now because it’s very good for the price. I use the brunette one the darker shade which matches my eyebrows perfectly. It can be so difficult to find the perfect shade for your eyebrows!

The kit has two shades, a small angled brush, and 3 different stencils. Personally, I found the stencils very useless as their brow shape doesn’t match.

The brush is ok, but I prefer to use my other angled brush, only because it’s bigger, and easier to use.

Overall, this is a great brow product for it’s price and I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Essence Eybrow Stylis Set costs  2,49 €


12669167_1266702346679637_1981023992_o    12584026_10204908871073091_1686496829_n

Love this mascara, for the price and everyday makeup it’s great.

I also use essence half lashes, because they are just great for everyday makeup, my lashes still look very natural, but full at the same time, they open my eyes more and it looks amazing. (I have to admit, sometimes i’m lazy to put them on, so i just put mascara).

Essence false eyelashes costs 2,45 €

Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara costs  2,49 €


And for my lips I use some nude matte lipstick, or sometimes I only use a lip liner and fill my complete lips with it, but it’s also in a nude shade.



That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post. 🙂

Tell me what are your favorite everyday makeup products.

Have a nice day, and always think positive.



25 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Products

  1. simplyalexandra12 says:

    I love that your makeup photos are outdoor ones! 🙂 I’ve been switching all of my products to eco ones in the past few years. I personally love 100% pure and Honest beauty. 🙂 For 100% pure I love the primer, liquid foundation, cocoa plum shadow, mascara… and most of all the lovely cheek/lip tints. For Honest beauty (so far) I love the brow filler / shaper, magic balm, and luminizer! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things


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