Mac Velvet Teddy dupe

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Hey my loves, so today I would like to talk about lipsticks. All girls like lipsticks (I mean, not only girls, don’t get me wrong), but let’s say it like this, WE ALL LOVE LIPSTICKS!!! 😀

This will be a small post, because I’m planning on finding more mac dupes and making a bigger post about it. But I really hope you will enjoy this one anyway. 🙂

I have one, drug store lipstick, that I totally forgot about, I just know i used to use it a lot, and then I just stopped using it. Why? I have no idea.

Anyway, that’s not important now, what is important today, is that, this lipstick is Mac Velvet Teddy dupe.

I know a lot of you are going crazy about this velvet teddy lipstick, and I also know, not all of you want to spend that much money on one lipstick, that’s why i was so excited to share this with you amazing people.

Long – lasting MATTE lipstic costs 2.95 €, and Mac lipstick costs 20.50 €.

Now I’m not quite sure in which countries you’re able to find P2 cosmetics, but I know there is in Germany in every DM store!

So try to take a look in dm? 🙂


Do you’ll see that?

zzz    12546328_1257281784288360_1720335648_o

I have to say that this lipstick has the same color like mac velvet teddy, the only difference about this is that, this one doesn’t do a completely matte finish. BUT IT IS STILL MATTE and amazing!

This one is Long – lasting MATTE lipstick in a shade 060 forever hazelnut.

Also, i will try to find more velvet teddy dupes, and of course, i will share them with you!




You can always ask me questions, and request what should i write about next.

Have a nice day, and always think positive.




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